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Do something romantic ‘n shit at our play about love/cuddles/kisses ‘n shit next week...

Tonight's the night for Lois' first ever outing @VAULTFestival...and by a weird I don't know how this happened - IT'S SOLD OUT. What?! If you have a ticket - see ya there punk!

So happy to have finally seen the brilliant 'The Children Act' with two fabulous EEA clients, Dominic Carter and Chris Garner. Great work, gents!

Justine Midda & @Geoff_McGivern join Iain Glen in a new audio play (airing 28th Jan) on History Hit TV. 'A Prince In The Tower' tells the tale of Perkin Warbeck, claimant to the English throne, & asks what became of the princes who disappeared from the Tower of London. Exciting!

Tune in to SILENT WITNESS tonight on BBC One. Nicole Gibson will be appearing in tonight's episode with the concluding part airing tomorrow evening! Exciting!!!

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