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BETRAYAL (theatre) BETRAYAL (theatre)
on Broadway, with Eddie Arnold ...
with Dan Tetsell ...
KUNG FURY 2 (film) KUNG FURY 2 (film)
with Nicholas Goh ...
at The RSC, with Natasha Lewis ...
with Geoff McGivern ...
Avenue Five (TV) Avenue Five (TV)
with Wanda Opalinska ...
Scrambled Eggs (TV) Scrambled Eggs (TV)
with Tom Connor as Paul McCartney ...
Belgravia (TV) Belgravia (TV)
Stevee Davis   ...
The King’s Man (film) The King’s Man (film)
with Stevee Davis and Angus Castle Doughty ...
Matilda: The Musical (theatre) Matilda: The Musical (theatre)
with Marianne Benedict as Mrs. Wormwood ...
Gangs of London (TV) Gangs of London (TV)
with Mark Perry & Pavel Douglas ...
Deep Water (TV) Deep Water (TV)
with Nicola Duffett ...
Together (film) Together (film)
with  Katie Sheridan, Dominic Carter, and Dan Tetsell ...
Unforgotten (TV) Unforgotten (TV)
with Ash Rizi and Nicholas Goh ...
Endeavour (TV) Endeavour (TV)
Geoff McGivern and Dominic Carter appear in Series 5 of ...
Good Omens (TV) Good Omens (TV)
Euan Macnaughton features in the TV mini-series based o ...
Peaky Blinders (TV) Peaky Blinders (TV)
Wanda Opalinska will reprise her role of Rosemary in se ...
The Crown (TV) The Crown (TV)
Euan Macnaughton plays Lord Caithness in series two of ...
The Replacement (TV) The Replacement (TV)
Euan Macnaughton stars as DS Colin Lockheid in the BBC ...
Back (TV) Back (TV)
Geoff McGivern plays lead role Uncle Geoff in the Mitch ...
Game of Thrones (TV) Game of Thrones (TV)
Dominic Carter played Janos Slint and Emilio Doorgasing ...

Our clients feature in film, television, theatre (drama & musicals) and commercials every week

About Us

Emma Engers Associates is a leading international actors talent agency based in the heart of London.

The company was founded by Emma Engers in 2010 after more than 15-years in the industry, initially as a Casting Assistant then later a talent agent working for International Artists.

Our clients work extensively in Film, Television and Theatre and our customers include the National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC, ITV, Sky Television and Channel 4, in fact just about every television company you can think of.

Our clients can be seen on television in various commercials most weeks and also in West End, Regional and National Tours of popular plays and musicals. We pride ourselves on being an intimate and exclusive agency always putting our clients first. With our experience, contacts and relationships built over the years, we have the qualities to represent actors at every level.

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Emma Engers
Emma Engers
Senior Agent & Director
Emma started as a Casting Assistant before working as an agent with her own list at International Artists. In 2010 Emma formed her own agency Emma Engers Associates.


.@Geoff_McGivern stars in real-time sitcom SEMI-DETACHED, showing on BBC Two this evening at 22:00


Auditions via video call are likely to be with us for a while, so here are some pointers to help! This is a new way of working; get familiar with it now so that when a video-call casting comes your way, you fell prepared and comfortable with the experience! 2

The entire artistic team at the Theatre Royal Plymouth are being made redundant in 3 days. That’s one of the largest, most well attended theatres outside London. A theatre that now has no artists, and they won’t be coming back. Our world-beating cultural landscape is in collapse 2

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Contact Us

If you wish to be considered for acting representation email representation@emmaengersassociates.com

We only accept electronic submissions (including showreels) and cannot be held responsible for any original material you send.

Unfortunately, due to the large quantity of submissions we receive, we cannot personally respond to every applicant. All submissions are given thorough consideration and we will contact you if we wish to arrange a meeting or attend a show.

There is no need to make any follow-up calls or send further emails.

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